Passing On Our Knowledge and
Skills in Protea Cultivation

ProteaUSA is highly experienced in growing, developing, and managing Protea properties. We give expert advice to help nursery owners and cut flower farms maximize the potential of their field. Protea property owners can also hire us to develop and manage their land or garden.

Farm Management and Consulting

In our full-service farm management program, we will provide the cuttings, nurse and protect them, and work the complete crop. From its cultivation, maintenance, and picking to its pruning and harvesting, you can count on us to give your Protea flowers the care and attention they need. We can also act as your sales agent. This level of involvement helps ensure viable, flower-producing plants, and a healthy crop that will generate income in the third year.

Some farms or gardens are non-owner occupied and 100% managed, while others may only require flower sales services. That’s why our programs and their respective rates are tailored to the needs of every property.

Wholesale Nursery Production

Our wholesale nursery produces liners up to 15 gallon plants.

Distribution Channel

We have working relationships with local, well-respected brokers and wholesalers as well as large bouquet makers. These entities have their own cold storage and packing facilities. They also have established clients in the retail and wholesale trade.

Through this structure, ProteaUSA is able to sell products directly to those wholesalers. Combining our volume with our partner farms allows us to negotiate better prices. As our collective output increases, we believe that our influence in the marketplace will also expand soon.

Let Us Put Our Expertise to Work for You

If you need guidance on how to properly handle your Protea farm, rely on our team of experts. Contact us today to learn more about our consulting and management services, as well as their corresponding rates. We look forward to hearing from you.